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Our interview with Lin Xin, founder of DIM SUM

The designer of the DIM SUM brand, 林鑫 Lin Xin, designs unique collections to express his inner world, veiled in a delicate and nostalgic aesthetic.

DIM SUM is a young Milanese brand founded by Chinese-born designer Lin Xin. He fell in love with Italy and landed in Milan to study Fashion and Textile design at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA).

Simple lines, romanticism and versatility are some of the adjectives that describe the bags created by the young designer.

Intrigued by DIM SUM’s romantic imagery, we decided to interview the brand’s founder to find out more about his project.

Introduce yourself briefly

I am a Capricorn, a meticulous and at the same time easy-going person. I love all the warm and beautiful things in life, from white clouds, blue skies, the ocean and the colours of the sunset, to farms, flowers, simple lines and bright colours.

Tell us a little about your background. What made you start your fashion career in Italy?

I fell in love with Italy around the age of 15-16. I admire the style, the fashionable clothes and the ease of the people. I love the sun of southern Italy and the colours of the lemon trees. After graduating in fashion design, I worked as a fashion editor for three years in Shanghai, but then I decided to leave China to continue studying and testing myself. So I quit my job and moved to Milan to do a master’s degree in fashion and textile design. What pushed me to create my own brand was the desire to make small colourful delights to wear in everyday life. However, I am aware that there are already many independent designers producing clothing today, so I opted for bags. DIM SUM is a little dessert that combines Chinese style and romanticism. A eulogy to small things, from which the brand name also derives.

Designer LIN XIN

Try using five adjectives to describe DIM SUM?

Graceful, romantic, mignon, simple, versatile.

Is there a particular artist or designer who inspires you for your creations?

My inspiration comes from minimalist and brightly coloured furniture, such as the works of the industrial design genius, Ettore Sottsass.

Ultrafragola mirror. One of Ettore Sottsass’s creations

If you had the opportunity to collaborate with an Italian brand, what would it be?

As far as Italian fashion brands go, I would love to collaborate with MSGM and SUNNEI. They are both fantastic and they match my style perfectly.

How would you describe the current fashion scene in China?

The current fashion scene in China is quite promising. There are many up-and-coming brands and retailers with excellent design and quality. In addition, the development of consumer habits and a new understanding of aesthetics by the younger generation has greatly benefited the fashion industry.

According to your point of view, what is the current relationship between Chinese designers, contemporary Chinese fashion and Western fashion systems?

The Western fashion system has been in a stable position for many years, while the Chinese fashion industry is still in a state of development and learning. Nevertheless, fashion is diversified, and the presence of different styles has its advantages. For example, among new Chinese designers there is now a tendency to incorporate traditional Chinese style into modern fashion.

What plans do you have for the future?

For now DIM SUM is still super emerging and will soon be available in the online shop. My hope is that the sales volume will be good so that we can continuously produce new creations. In addition, I would like to form a competent design, production and sales team. It cannot be ruled out that DIM SUM may also develop in the lifestyle products sector in the future.

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