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Fashion trends for 2024: Clothes, colours and accessories

How can I look updated and fashionable in 2024? Explore the latest fashion trends in apparel, accessories, and colors for the upcoming year.

Fashion trends for the new year ahead

This year’s 2024 runway fashion looks, which set the trends for the following year, were far more wearable than many of them have been in the past. Businesses need to make wealth, so their products must be sold. There’s no need to completely redecorate your wardrobe given that some trends persist for a season or even a decade. Numerous fashion trends from the previous year, such as metallics and leather, are also making an appearance in this year’s trends. Leather skirts and vests, billowy dresses, utility styles, preppy polo neck dresses, and much more.

These are a few topics that indicate what the fashion industry can expect in 2024:

  1. Preppy polo neck dresses of all lengths.
  2. Polka dots.
  3. Headbands styled with all of your spring outfits for 2024.
  4. Billowing dresses.
  5. Bows and ribbons.
  6. Utility wear including apron dresses and skirts.
  7. Floral dresses & 3D flowers.
  8. Metallics and crystal embellishments.
  9. Cherry red.
  10. Unexpected feather details.
  11. Upcycle and sustainable materials.
  12. Leather.
  13. Cut outs and sheer panels.
  14. Soft silhouettes in black.
  15. Maxis and Midis.
  16. Sheer layers.
  17. Top handle bags.
  18. Knitwear, lace and mesh.
  19. Snowflake patterns.
  20. Color trends: Black, white, red and beige.

A few examples of the fashion trends 2024 and how to style them

Preppy polo neck dresses of all lengths

fashion trends
Tommy Hilfiger– Midi Polo dress

Polka dots

fashion trends
Halpern– Open-back ruffled bow-detailed polka-dot crepon halterneck midi dress

Although the pattern is frequently in style for the summer, prints in general are a classic and adaptable style that will likely be seen a lot in the upcoming year.

Billowing dresses

fashion trends
Example of a Billowing dress: Spring/Summer fashion trend

When it comes to the billowing dresses, 2024 women’s fashion trends are all about volume. The better, the more sculptural, voluminous, and larger.

Bows and ribbons

fashion trends
Bow detailed cady blazer from Moschino

Huge bows made an appearance in the collections of several high-profile designers during the various fashion weeks, so we might see them on a lot of dresses the following year.
However, not every fashion house chose to use big, eye-catching patterns; some chose to use much smaller bows and ribbons to adorn, accessorize, or bind together ensembles.

Floral dresses & 3D flowers

fashion trends
Valentino– crepe couture skort

Metallics and crystal embellishments

fashion trends
Good Icon straight-leg mid-rise faux leather trousers from Good American

The trend was evident during Paris fashion week and appears to be here to stay. As Net-A-Porter put it, “Swathes of shimmering metallics glistened across the SS24 runways.”

However, be cautious not to overdo it if you decide to go with gold. If you want to tone down the gladiator vibe, try pairing metallic gold with other materials like leather or denim.

Upcycle and sustainable materials

fashion trends
Conner Ives autumn/winter 2023

Concerns about sustainability have long existed in the context of the heavily polluting fashion industry. Many buyers purchase inexpensive items, wear them for a few occasions, and then discard them.

Though some believe much more needs to be done, small steps are being taken to address the industry’s carbon footprint, such as the rise in popularity of websites that specialize in “pre-loved fashion”, becoming part of the fashion trends for next year.

Therefore, we salute the designers who are elevating sustainability to the forefront, whether through altered working procedures or the incorporation of repurposed materials into their creations.


fashion trends
FF Diamonds Wallet On Chain

Knitwear, lace and mesh

fashion trends
Dior– short sleeved marinière jacket in white and black cotton and silk knit


Conclusion: 2024 will be a year in which several fashion trends return from the past, such as polka dots, and new ones become more prominent, including upcycling.

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