Hermès heir's fortune
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Hermès heir’s fortune is planned to be pass to his dosmetic worker

The unmarried, childless Hermès heir wishes to leave his domestic worker his fortune. Nicolas Puech, Hermès heir’s fortune owner, whose estimated net worth ranges from 9.4 to 10.4 billion euros, is the biggest individual shareholder of the well-known French leather goods company.

Nicolas Puech, Hermès heir’s fortune owner, intends to adopt his dosmetic worker in order for him to inherit his wealth

Hermès heir’s fortune is one of the trendy topics since his descendant plans start with adopting his domestic worker and leave behind a significant portion of his wealth, estimated to be in the region of several billion Swiss francs.
Nicolas Puech, who resides in the southern Valais canton of Switzerland, is the largest individual shareholder of Hermès, owning a 5%–6% stake in the company.

The 80-year-old, former board member of the French luxury group decided to upend his succession plan and leave part of his fortune to a former gardener and all-around handyman, who is 51 years old and comes from a humble Moroccan family. Because of his investments in the company, which is well-known for its handbags and silk scarves, his wealth is estimated to be between 9 and 10 billion Swiss francs (9.4 and 10.4 billion euros).

Nicolas Puech isolated himself from the outside world by closing himself up in his Valais home during the pandemic. In reality, one of the Swiss districts most impacted by the coronavirus was Valais. The billionaire, who is ranked as the seventh richest man in France, was essentially left alone with the Moroccan, his wife, and their two kids during the lockdown, and they ended up becoming his new family. Given that Nicolas Puech had previously given his gardener-servant a 4 million franc Montreux villa in addition to a 1.5 million franc Marrakech property, their relationship had actually been solidified for a considerable amount of time.

Regarding the Hermès heir’s fortune, a letter was written in October 2022, instructing a lawyer to establish his succession plan. The lawyer was also entrusted with pursuing the adoption process, which is presently in progress. Adopting an adult is uncommon but not impossible in Switzerland; if this adoption is successful, he may receive at least half of his fortune.

The Valais administration did not answer right away when asked about the Hermès heir’s fortune issue, if this process was confirmed or denied.
Nevertheless there is opposition to this plan. More legally binding than a will, Puech signed a succession agreement in 2011 in support of Isocrate, a Geneva-based foundation that funds journalism-supporting non-governmental organizations engaged in disinformation campaigns.


Hermès heir's fortune
Isocrates Foundation

The foundation declared it was unaware of any other agreements, but it had recently discovered the founder’s desire to revoke the succession plan. “The foundation opposed the succession pact while leaving the door open for discussion,” stating that “this unilateral desire to annul the pact appears unfounded”.

The foundation expressed regret that “interpersonal conflicts and various covetous interests” have put its public utility activities in jeopardy, owing to circumstances completely beyond its control.

To impede Bernard Arnault’s ambitions, the founding family’s descendants established a holding in the early 2010s in response to LVMH‘s attempts to take over the Hermès group. Puech, a dissident at the time, made the decision to stay out of the H51 organization.


In conclusion, Hermès heir’s fortune is being discussed because Nicolas Puech wants to offer a large part of it to the domestic worker, jeopardising the Isocrate foundation.


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