Daniel Roseberry Neiman Marcus Award

Daniel Roseberry as the winner of the Neiman Marcus Award 2024

Neiman Marcus has announced that Daniel Roseberry, Creative Director of Schiaparelli, will be the recipient of the 2024 Neiman Marcus Award for Creative Impact in the field of fashion, following Spring 2024 Couture Week.

Daniel Roseberry Selected to Receive the Neiman Marcus Award for Creative Influence in the Fashion Industry in 2024

Roseberry is given the award in recognition of his unparalleled inventiveness and skill at Schiaparelli. He is commended for his ability to successfully combine art and fashion in order to modernly embodie the surrealist and whimsical house codes that the brand is known for. The fashion industry and the most powerful celebrities worldwide have taken an interest in the Texas-born designer, who is continuing the legacy of her founder Elsa Schiaparelli, who was also honored by Stanley Marcus in 1940.

Geoffroy van Raemdonck, Chief Executive Officer, Neiman Marcus Group said :

“As Schiaparelli’s largest partner in the world, NMG is proud to have built a relationship rooted in a shared desire to champion the Maison’s extraordinary artistry for the American luxury customer. Daniel’s distinct vision has ignited unprecedented momentum that has ushered in a new chapter for the storied brand, making him the perfect choice for the 2024 Creative Impact recipient.”

The Neiman Marcus Awards were established in 1938 with the goal of establishing a connection between the most prominent designers in fashion and the high-end American consumer. The integrated luxury retailer declared in 2023 that the program will be expanded and brought back in order to support its growth strategy of “Revolutionizing Luxury Experiences.”

The Creative Impact Award builds on the platform’s history of honoring the future of fashion by showcasing people who, through their unique vision and capacity for inspiration, have had an impact on the industry and culture.

Daniel Roseberry Neiman Marcus Award
Daniel Roseberry, the creative director of Schiaparelli

Daniel Roseberry, Creative Director of Schiaparelli, commented:

“In work and in life, creative impact is my number one goal, my core value, my North Star. To be recognized for this by Neiman Marcus, a name I’ve grown up with and an institution I could only have dreamed to be a part of, is an honor beyond measure.”

He continued:

“The fact that Elsa Schiaparelli was also honored with an award in 1940 only adds a deeper dimension to my gratitude. My deepest thanks to Neiman Marcus for their support and their unending loyalty, and to Maison Schiaparelli for following me into the creative unknown season after season. I am forever grateful for this opportunity and for all the beauty we have created together.”

Neiman Marcus persists in utilizing its unique business approach to foster relationships with its devoted clientele by providing a meticulously selected product range combined with customized experiences and unmatched customer support. Due to the retailer’s exclusive distribution, its clientele has developed into a committed group of Schiaparelli fans.

The Schiaparelli clientele has been extremely involved since the brand’s boutiques opened in 2022 and 2023, respectively, at Neiman Marcus Downtown Dallas and Beverly Hills.

Delphine Bellini, Chief Executive Officer of Schiaparelli stated:

“We are deeply touched and immensely pleased by the honor bestowed upon us by Neiman Marcus. Awarding Daniel Roseberry for his Creative Impact and boundless talent, is also paying a wonderful tribute to our team members and to all the people who contribute, everyday, to the achievements and success of our House.”

As a relationship business, the awards platform exemplifies Neiman Marcus’ creative approach to retail and strengthens its authority in fashion, bringing brand partners in new and exciting ways to interact with luxury consumers. Later this year, the retailer and Roseberry will work together to launch an exclusive Schiaparelli brand expression.

Daniel Roseberry Neiman Marcus Award
Bella Hadid wearing Schiaparelli for Cannes 2021

Lana Todorovich, Chief Merchandising Officer, Neiman Marcus, added:

“Daniel is a creative force whose acute understanding of fine art, fashion history, pop culture, and couture execution has captivated the industry. Daniel’s designs dare our customers to expand the bounds of their own personal style and we are excited to partner with him to offer an exclusive “Retail-tainment” moment infused with his remarkable creative touch.”

Conclusion: Daniel Roseberry is the winner of Neiman Marcus Award 2024.

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