Malo Cashmere Fall/Winter 2023 Look book
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Malo Cashmere Braces you for the Fall/Winter 2023

The Florentine based Fashion House recently celebrated the completion of 50 Years.

Summer is almost at its end, its time to wrap our heads away from our vacations and brace ourselves for the new season. Although this does not have to be as gloomy as it sounds. The Luxury brand Malo Cashmere Fall/Winter 2023 has released an entire new look book, helping everyone achieve the best looks for the upcoming season. Their signature minimalistic chic, with the high-grade Italian craftsmanship is renowned and well established for five decades.

Fall / Winter 2023 Look book

The brand Malo Cashmere Fall/Winter 2023 focuses on their detailed craftsmanship and attention to the fine qualities of traditional Italian methodologies. This resulted with both the men’s and women’s wear having classics timeless pieces in their collection. However this doesn’t stop them from embracing the modern ways and needs. By adding some playful details alongside the classics they have created a unique collection helping you embrace this coming fall and winter with a warm hug.

Embracing the color of fall but with a delightful twist, you can see the hint of edgy playfulness with their metallics inspired two-piece ensemble accompanied with a muted shawl.

Malo Fall / Winter 2023 Women


From the rugged man to the boy next door, among the whole range men’s wear sports two distinctive looks, one going from edgy and fearless to a more playful and spirited nature.


Malo Fall / Winter 2023 Men


Drive for Sustainability

Sustainability is an important factor in today’s world. Which is why alongside with their regular collections, Malo has a launched a green capsule collection Re-cashmere focusing on sustainability. Its made from the recovery of the yarns from production residues. They are virgin yarns of the highest quality, regenerated for new using. An ancient tradition of Tuscan “cenciaioli” that used to recover textile scraps to make new yarns, staying close its heritage of the past.

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