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The best outfits from the Sanremo 2024 festival: First evening

Numerous Maisons will pe part of Sanremo 2024 festival, turning the year’s most anticipated musical event into a fashion stage. Let’s take a look at the best outfits. What were yours?

Yesterday was the first day of the Sanremo Festival 2024. Let’s take a look at the best outfits

Co-host of the Italian Song Festival’s opening night, Sanremo 2024, Marco Mengoni, was spot on. He exhibited a modern and captivating elegance in Emporio Armani, Versace, Fendi, and Valentino, styled by Lorenzo Posocco. The looks of Rujana Cantoni’s Rose Villain in Marni, Big Mama’s Azazel-styled Lorenzo Seghezzi, and Loredana Bertè’s Valentino, who made their personalities explode, made our hearts skip a beat.

Next up were Emma in Marc Jacobs (styled by Lorenzo Posocco), Mahmood in Prada (styled by Lisa Jarvis), Ghali in Loewe (styled by Ramona Tabita), Clara in Giorgio Armani Privé (styled by Francesco Vavallo), and Angelina Mango in Etro (styled by Nick Cerioni). Dargen D’Amico in Moschino and Ricchi e Poveri in Vivetta (both styled by Rebecca Baglini) provided us with just the right amount of eccentricity.

The Sanremo Festival’s 74th edition has officially started, and just like every year, it is creating waves in every direction. In addition, while it is true that the Italian music festival has to and presents music, it is also true that the outfits of the competing singers make an impact just as much—if not more so—than their songs and lyrics. We saw them elegant, lavish, simple, or even more with unusual styles.

We present you our 15 best outfits from last night’s event, Sanremo 2024:

  1. Marco Mengoni
Outfits Sanremo
Marco Mengoni in Maison Valentino

2. Big Mama

Outfits Sanremo
Big Mama wearing a black dress from Lorenzo Seghezzi Couture

Big Mama in a long black dress. This one by Lorenzo Seghezzi Coutureand it was much less linear than the last one—it had a sheer bodice and a long, wide skirt that was extra large and covered in toulle. In other words, a dress that was as striking as the singer’s striking makeup.

3. Dargen D’Amico 

Outfits Sanremo
Dargen D’Amico in Moschino

Dargen D’Amico’s blue suit really didn’t want to be called simple. A teddy bear shawl, paired with some sort of legwarmers over white trainers. The sunglasses match the outfit. Creativity played a significant role in this outfit.

4. Clara

Outfits Sanremo
Clara in Giorgio Armani Privé

All very monochrome, then, though thankfully with a few exceptions. And we’re not just talking about the burgundy or red that co-host Marco Mengoni wore in at least a few of her ensembles; we’re also talking about Clara’s attire, who was the first singer to perform. She looked stunning in an Armani Privé cut dress in metallic grey/blue tones.

5. Marco Mengoni

Outfits Sanremo
Marco Mengoni in Atelier Versace and jewerly from Tiffany & Co.

6. Marco Mengoni

Outfits Sanremo
Marco Mengoni in Emporio Armani and jewerly from Tiffany & Co.

7. Emma Marrone

Outfits Sanremo
Emma Marrone in Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo and Tiffany & Co.

8. Annalisa 

Outfits Sanremo
Annalisa in Dolce & Gabbana

9. Sangiovanni

Outfits Sanremo
Sangiovanni in GCDS and jewerly from Tiffany & Co.

10. Marco Mengoni 

Outfits Sanremo
Marco Mengoni in Versace and jewerly from Tiffany & Co.

11. Geolier

Outfits Sanremo
Geolier in Dsquared2

12. The Rich and Poor 

Outfits Sanremo
The Rich and Poor in Vivetta

13. Fiorella Mannoia 

Outfits Sanremo
Fiorella Mannoia in Luisa Spagnoli

Even though there were a lot of black lovers, white also had a significant influence. From presenter Amadeus’s jacket to Sangiovanni’s all-white, oversized dress, which perfectly complemented the current trends, white was worn. And lastly, the enduring and seasoned Sanremo Festival participant Fiorella Mannoia, who, as stated in her Mariposa song, “I am a bride above the altar,” appeared in a deep V-necked, off-white lace mermaid gown designed by Luisa Spagnoli.

14. Giuliano Sangiorgi dei Negramaro 

Outfits Sanremo
Giuliano Sangiorgi of Negramaro in Paul&Shark, Santoni shoes and Bulgari jewellery

15. Ghali

Outfits Sanremo
Ghali in Loewe

Conclusion: Yesterday saw the start of the first day of the Sanremo festival. Mam-e presents the best 15 outfits of the night.

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